Will Wissmiller
Will Wissmiller
Will Wissmiller - Trauma Recovery & Transformational Life Coach

Meet Will…

I love to help people move past the “stuck places” in their lives; watching others overcome fears, grow emotionally, and take back control of their personal journeys.

I struggled for decades in my personal and professional life, repeating patterns of ambivalence learned in childhood. As a result, I lived with limiting beliefs, creative blocks, and low self-worth. All of these held me back from realizing dreams and really living. Viewing the world through this lens kept me in a battle to just be human.

What took me more than a quarter-century of seeking, has been distilled down into my intuitive, #TraumaInformed approach… the skills, tips, and strategies I’ve learned in my personal and professional journey, give me the confidence to help others on their own healing journeys from C-PTSD, CSA, Codependency, Narcissism, and more.

If you are interested in putting in the time and energy to break the patterns holding you back, I want to help. Schedule a Discovery Call today.


What I Offer

Trauma Coaching

Tired of the traditional talk therapy? Will’s #TraumaInformed, relational approach to coaching might be just what you’re looking for. Find out how to “break free”…

NeuroAffective Touch®

Will is able to provide NAtouch™ services to in-person clients, as well as integrating the concepts of the NeuroAffective Relational Model™ (NARM) in all aspects of his practice…

Group Coaching

Will offers an alternative (or addition) to one-on-one coaching. Breaking patterns alongside others who share the same goals can be a powerful catalyst for change. Contact Will to find out more…



“Each personal limit you exceed, each boundary you cross, verifies most limits are self imposed. Your potential and possibilities are far greater than you can ever imagine. You are far more capable than you ever thought.”



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Let's Connect.

If you’re not quite sure my coaching or NATouch© services are for you, I offer a free 30 minute Discovery Session.

The Discovery Session is ZERO obligation. It is also a time for you to ask questions and decide if what I have to offer might work for you. Because coaching and NATouch© is an investment of both time and money, I want you to be sure you are ready. I want you to love the process of working with me as much as I love what I do. I only accept clients who are open, willing, and dedicated to taking on the emotional work required.

Because the only way this work is successful, is by going all-in, I DO NOT offer refunds. This free Discovery Call is your chance to decide if my coaching style is right for you.

If you are interested in a Discovery Call please provide your information below. If you prefer a certain method of communication (i.e. texting preferred over Email) please let me know in the “How Can I Help” section.

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